Who we are

We are an independent insurance brokerage company, operating since 1976 and specialized in the insurance, employee benefits and risk management solutions of for industrial, commercial and service companies, with a particular vocation for multinational companies.

We are based in Italy, but through our foreign partners can assist our customers in over 120 countries worldwide. Founded in 1976, our business has grown from Bologna to Italy, and since the mid-90s, overseas. 

We work with passion, enthusiasm and precision, leaving nothing to chance. We provide our clients with customized and cost effective solutions. We hate approximation.

We’re passionate about planning and efficiency. Since our company was founded, the common thread that binds all these years of activity together is a passion and expertise for our work, accuracy in addressing problems, transparency and fairness in dealing with others, whether they be clients, insurance companies, loss adjusters, colleagues, partners and even our competitors.

We are committed to our work and we seek to achieve everything in the best way possible.

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100 years and 4 generations of insurance intermediaries

1913/1939: The origins

On July 1, 1913 Giuseppe Scagliarini (father of Pio, grandfather of Andrea, and great-grandfather of Matteo), in his mere twenties, began to work for ‘Generali’ in Ferrara. Within a few years he was so appreciated by the company that after having been appointed as Agent, was transferred to Rome. There he assumed the chair of the office in Rome. In 1925 ‘Generali’ sent him to South America where he successfully launched the company’s activity in Brazil. On returning to Italy, he was duly appointed Managing Director.


In 1939 Giuseppe Scagliarini, after international experience in both Africa and Spain, crowned his career in returning to Emilia and fulfilling his dream to open, together with his son Pio, ‘Generali’ in Bologna. This he managed with great success until 1959.Due to some differences with the parent company, in 1959 Pio Scagliarini decided to move to Milano Assicurazioni as Agent. This Agency was launched in 1959, in offices that are still used today by Andrea Scagliarini SpA, and grew successfully, until Pio’s premature death in 1968.Andrea Scagliarini, meanwhile had completed a short period at Lloyd's of London, which proved invaluable for the future. Having only worked with his father for a few months before his untimely death, Andrea then assumed the leadership of the Agency. Despite being young in years (he was only twenty-five) he led the Agency from the outset with a compelling determination.

1976/1995: The brokerage SOCIETY

In 1976 Andrea in the prime of life took the bold step, and thanks to a mix of entrepreneurial courage and tenacity, founded the brokerage company that today still bears his name.The brokerage was at that time a form of intermediation almost unheard of in the Italian insurance market and the company was registered as the eighteenth member of AIBA (Association of Italian Brokers).The transition to the brokerage society actually proved to be a winning move and allowed the company to establish itself in an emerging market, acquiring a prominent role in the Italian insurance market, both in terms of size, and above all, reputation and authority. Andrea Scagliarini earned further respect through his role in the Association of Italian Brokers (AIBA), of which he has been President on two occasions.

SINCE 1995: The international horizon AND GROWTH

In 1995 Matteo Scagliarini, Andrea’s nephew, having graduated and worked in Paris in reinsurance, joined the company. He gradually gained greater roles of responsibility until he became Vice Chairman in 2007. Matteo’s decisive drive led the society to open up relations abroad. This was sealed in 2011 with entry to the prestigious ‘Worldwide Broker Network’ and later in 2017 to ‘Howden One’. Since 2011, the Company has experienced constant organic growth, which today positions itself as a point of reference for the management of multinational clients in Italy, among independent brokerage firms.

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