Our People

The success of a company depends mainly on the quality and motivation of its people. Our team is made up of those who share our values ​​and care about our clients.

We strongly believe that the best way to look after the interests of our clients is to take care of the individuals who work with us. We only choose team players who share our values ​​of integrity, loyalty and respect, with a mindset to listen, collaborate and solve problems.

Thus, we create a business ecosystem full of positive relationships, collaboration and stimuli that allows everyone to best fulfil their potential.

We care about the work-life balance of our staff, not only because if you feel good, you are more productive but also, because we believe it is essential for an ethical and sustainable business.

Of course we are attentive to environmental sustainability but in our field it is not enough to give lip service and eliminate plastic bottles from the office. We feel the first form of sustainability, together withthat of the balance sheet data, is the lives of our people. For this reason, all our staff enjoy flexible hours, smart working and company benefits. Furthermore, every individual also has a continuous personal development plan.

Basically, all this represents the best guarantee for our clients to be assisted with passion, competence and dedication. Today and tomorrow.

Our team


Andrea Scagliarini

President - Legal Representative

Matteo Scagliarini

Chief Executive Officer - Legal Representative

Daniele Tattini

Administrator - Senior Account Executive

Renzo Ruggi

Administrator - Senior Account Executive

Stefania D'Ascenzo

Personal Assistant to CEO

Technical and commercial service

Ottavio Tosti

Account executive & Employee Benefit Specialist

Paola Turchi

Account executive & Business Development

Elena Pattaro

Account Executive

Francesco Brunetti

Account Executive & Cyber Specialist

Andi Kita

Assistant Account Executive

Valentina Cardellini

Assistant Account Executive & D&O Specialist

Michele Bonetti

Assistant Account Executive

Francesco Niro

Assistant Account Executive

Beatrice Bonvicini

Junior Assistant Account

Back office policies

Michaela Rossi

Non-auto and auto branches

Monica Pieraccini

Non-auto branches

Nicoletta Di Giovanni

Non-auto branches

Serenella Nanni

auto branches

Cristina Cujba

Non-auto branches


Elena Antonazzo

Claims manager

Francesco Righi

Claims specialist

Basima Kachni

Claims specialist

Paola Casoni

Claims specialist

Daniela Orsi

Claims back office

ACCOUNTING and administration

Jenny Zappoli

Administration and accounting manager

Annagrazia Urso

administration and accounting

operations & it

Stefano Bellotti

Software Analyst and Developer

Marco Puppini

Operations, compliance, audit