International activities

Our company is highly specialized in providing cutting-edge insurance and risk management solutions for small, medium or large multinational companies.

We uniquely combine our knowledge of local markets with our presence internationally to offer an outstanding quality of service.

We represent two of the most important and prestigious international networks of independent brokers in Italy. Through these partnerships, we manage complex multinational insurance programs, providing efficient and robust solutions for multiple risks.

Our strong relationship with WBN and Howden One allows us to compete, often successfully, with the main global brokers or networks on multinational clients, giving unrivalled service in all the countries where our clients are present, regardless of their size.

Worldwide Broker Network

Wordwide Broker Network (WBN) is unanimously recognized as the most important and prestigious network of independent brokers in the world, present in over 90 countries across 5 continents, with over 17,000 professional staff.

The WBN mission statement which we share, is characterized by the following strengths:

  • managers of the Brokerage firms are also partners;
  • long-term approach to management of the client;
  • stable team of experts dedicated to the client;
  • great attention given to quality of service and price;
  • timely and efficient Partners abroad (this is a unique point of difference compared to our competitors). Each WBN member services each WBN network client, regardless of size/importance with the highest professional standards and a sense of urgency as though the client were their own. This allows all involved to be satisfied with service delivered within the International Insurance Programme;
  • coordination of information across the network.

WBN members support and use WBNet International Technology, a web based application, as the comunication vehicle when servicing a WBN International Client.
WBNet, makes it possible to know, in real time the insurance situation of all the branches in the network across the world.
The Producing Broker and Parent Company are therefore only "a click away" from information relating to policies in progress, open claims, to reports produced by broker and company.
This is a fantastic tool for the management of insurance of multinationals, which we make available to our clients.

In the establishing of international insurance programmes, we pay the closest attention to ensuring that our client insurance package complies with all known legislation in the country concerned, carrying out a preliminary analysis prior to covering the risk.

Why WBN?

Howden One

Howden One is the name of the network, to which the English broker Howden and partner companies like us belong.

Howden One is present in over 90 countries with more than 15,000 employees. It displays a global vision, an entrepreneurial culture and a strong client focus for all their partners, whilst not forgetting their privileged and specialized access to Lloyd's.

Why Howden?