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Employee Benefits
Employees are the real capital of the company.
Cyber Risk
Not if but when.
Directors and Officers’ liability
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Insurance, employee benefits and risk management solutions for companies, in Italy and the world.

We are an independent insurance brokerage company, operating since 1976 and specialized in the insurance, employee benefits and risk management solutions of for industrial, commercial and service companies, with a particular vocation for multinational companies.

We operate in Italy, but through our foreign partners we can assist our clients in over 120 countries around the world.

We work with passion, enthusiasm and rigor, trying not to leave anything to chance. We provide our clients with customized and efficient risk management solutions. We hate approximation. We love programming, transparency, fairness.

We work with the aim of producing sustainable value for our customers today, but which lasts over time. We care about our customers, but also our employees.

our people
The success of a company depends mainly on the quality and motivation of the people who are part of it. Our team is made up of people who share our values ​​and who care about our customers.
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risk solutions
We have a holistic approach to risk management, from analysis and prevention, to the definition ofthe most suitable insurance solutions, tailored to the customer's needs.
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In collaboration with our partner brokers present in over 120 countries, we provide our multinational clients with coordinated and customized solutions in the Property & Casualty and Employee Benefits fields, with an unparalleled quality of service.
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Sep 2021
Nuova partnership Andrea Scagliarini SpA e Tesla Consulting

Andrea Scagliarini SpA e Tesla Consulting assieme contro il rischio Cyber

Jul 2021
Andrea Scagliarini SpA entra a fare parte del gruppo Howden!

Siamo lieti di annunciare che dopo 4 anni di proficua collaborazione, la nostra Società entrerà a fare parte del Gruppo Howden!

Jul 2021
Andrea Scagliarini is joining Howden Group!

We are delighted to announce that after 4 years of fruitful parnership our Company is joining Howden Group!